Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Impossible PX70 Color Shade

I know there is probably a ton of info on the web about the impossible films. But until you experience something yourself, it never truly matters. It would appear that it continues to develop over time. How long?  I'm sure that too is available on the web. And while I like the look after a few days of additional development, I must say I find it fills me with anxiety. I find comfort in photos. They represent a frozen moment in time. Something that is static. It cannot be recreated. But the idea that this image will continue to evolve in some way changes that. It is no longer static. Almost as if the oranges in this photo are decaying just as their real life counterparts are. The anxiety comes from this, and my desire to "save" everything. I want to scan each photo.....just in case. With photos that are constantly changing I feel I might miss the photos best moment. Like a fine wine that sits around too long. Does any of that make sense?  
Left: Photo as of January 25th
Right: Photo as of January 21st, Date it was taken

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