Friday, January 21, 2011

Although we've never met.......

About two months ago I came across a little plastic camera in a thrift shop in Germany.  The store wanted 3 euro. Immediately I felt as if I had just uncovered some long buried treasure. And while that isn't totally true, the camera did come with a little something extra. A roll of Kodak Gold 200 which had already been exposed! I've been holding on to this roll since, just waiting to get it developed. I must admit I was a bit nervous getting it processed. Who knows what could have been on it. Below are some of the photos (most of the roll came out great). It is funny to think that these people took the time to shoot photos that they will never get to see. And I, who have never met these people, get to peak into this moment of their lives. And I will never meet them. 

(This is my favorite)

This photo shows off a feature of the camera that actually seems quite silly. It has a lever for creating a "panoramic" effect.  As you can see all it does is cut crop the area of the negative that is exposed. Like I said. Silly. 

Camera: Unbranded Plastic Fake Panoramic Camera
Film: Kodak Gold 200

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  1. Ah, you got someones memories! Don't it feel a little bit on voyeur side? :)
    Interesting blog, I'll follow you.
    Greetings, FilipL.